Monday, 23 September 2013



 Words fail do describe such a amazing country.

Although most of the reason it was amazing was because of our relatives.
My uncle being a avid foodie himself made sure I ate the best food possible.

Fun fact- All of you might have heard stories about Vikings the powerful sailors and trolls. Guess what they all originated from norway.

Germay ruled over Norway during ww2 and some remnants can still be found

So we didn’t had to worry what we were going to eat,places to see and stuff like that.

Fun fact-Norway had recently found oil deposits near the coastal areas and is considered of off the better of counties along with Germany in Europe.
As a result of which they don’t market it as a tourist place.Infact they actually deter tourists.

Norway is quite a costly place at par if not more than France.

The Native language Norsk which I may add is a very difficult language.

Anyways,after a 1 day rest.we headed to the place whose beauty I cannot describe.

West Norway

All of Norway is beautiful ,but the west has picturesque locations and beautiful valleys.

We were very lucky as we had come in one of the 3-4 months when Norway was not covered with snow. We headed out to west Norway a journey encompassing unreal mountains and clear waters.
Having fun listening to music and goofing around.

I didn’t have many interactions with the locals but they are as friendly if not more than italians

We took supplies from a local market and we stayed at wooden cottages .

In the morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast made together.I literally could not stop eating mostly because my uncle didn’t let me. I gained 4 kilograms in 6 days in Norway.
After a journey of 4 days through west Norway we came back to the capital Oslo.And my cousins,they gave as a wonderful guided tour Of the capital.
Places to see are the Sky jump,the opera house and the Vigeland park,there is something special about this park…I wont spoil the gotta see it for youself.

The best Pizza I ever ate was in Norway..THE BEST

Alas,the wonderful Norway came to an end.I didn’t want it to but it did…I want to thank my cousins and my uncle and aunt for making this a trip I will remember throughout my life.

We said our goodbies and we headed home

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