Saturday, 27 July 2013



Oh what a city art' thou London

We went to his house and immediately took off to adore the adjoining gurdwara

Gurdwara sri guru singh sabha
Fact-named the best architecture of London in 2004
A beautiful and huge gurdwara

All this time I was searching for one thing
Free wifi
I know everybody is searching for free wifi ,hehe
And I found It at their home
After a restful sleep,we woke up around 8 in the morning and ate a indian breakfast. At least the yogurt was british .here is the lovely family that hosted us

Anyways after that we took a all day bus pass (by the way the best way to roam around London)

Sat on the front seat of the classic London bus and enjoyed the view

They took us to the west end mall –a huge mall by the way and we had a lovely time and in the evening we came back and took a taxi and went to our hotel and joined the group with whom we toured the rest of Europe

If you think that you can navigate entire Europe by yourself then you are kidding yourself
Benefits of travelling with a group
1.A group is less likely to be target of pickpockets and thieves
2.You are not roaming around like a lost lamb trying to figure out where to go
3.The French are allergic to English ,I mean literally
4. Europe is so god damn costly

Of course there are drawbacks like not having enough freedom and irritating and egotistical delhites but the benefits are greater
We all hopped on a bus in the morning and first we went to a tour of the major landmarks of the city like the london bridge,the bell tower and the british parliament and then we stopped at the most famous place in Britain-the Buckingham Palace

Where we were just in time for the famous changing of guard ceremony which was quite nice but no that amazing
I carefully searched for jatinder pal singh bhullar the only sikh turbaned guard of her highness
But I guess he was on the other shift

Fact-Most of the prominent buildings in London are constructed and owned by dubai sheikhs .london economy is on the verge of collapse

After a indian dinner(came with the package)we went to sleep.i slept after watching BBC for a few hours


We went of to the madame Tussaud's museum in London which was a wonderful experience
I have been to the one in New York,but this was way better
And me being a history and movie buff,it was a treat for me

After spending a few hours there we went for lunch at a local bistro and I had turkey for the first time in my life.Yum by the way.In Case i forgot to mention i am a foodie 

Then they dropped us of at the oxford street –the shopping street of England ,mostly costly stuff but some good showrooms too

After setting a rendezvous point I went around happily alone roaming oxford street

And after 3-4 hours of walking
And looking around we went back to the hotel

7’0 clock that night we boarded a cruise ship crossing from England to Belgium via the English channel

To be continued…


  1. FYI, doing Europe without a tour group is doable and was one of the best decisions I had ever made (in response to "you are kidding yourself"). Different strokes for different folks, yo.

    1. hehe i know it's doable bro,solo travel is a different experience in itself but i was referring to the fact that tickets are cheaper and u can cover a lot of areas in a small amount of time and also there is a lot less headache about planning


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