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Amsterdam and Belgium

Amsterdam and Belgium

We had a wonderful overnight cruise across the English Channel full of Indians I may add ,Our guide warned us that if you don’t get up early there will be no breakfast.
We docked near Holland  about 8 A.M. And met our bus driver for the rest of the journey,Hank.

Fun fact –hank was in fact a successful entrepreneur who had recently sold his own company and he actually loved driving tour buses.

All over the Europe there is no such thing as a cheap or low job.
Every job is equal in the eyes of the people.Infact the plumbers in france drive Ferraris ,Awesome right?

Anyways after a few hours of a scenic journey we reached Amsterdam
We took a city tour by a tour boat, obviously the best way to tour Amsterdam ,not very clean water by the way .There were houseboats along the whole journey with complete gas ,electricity supply.

Fun fact-Amsterdam is famous for 2 reasons

1.liberal laws in relation to bisexual and transgender marriages, so you see a lot of these clubs in there
2. Every drug is LEGAL in Amsterdam and I mean every.
Also people in Amsterdam are considered the happiest in the world. I wonder why that is,hehe
After a informative and wonderful tour of about 1 hour we resumed our journey to Belgium

Now everybody think of Belgium ,what comes to your mind

Top 3 things

2. Chocolates
3. Tintin,the beloved comic book character

We reached Belgium and after a city tour we explored the the old city of Belgium
The town square of Belgium according to me was the MOST beautiful in whole of Europe

Here I should add being a SIKH you
get used to people staring at you, as if I had come from MARS.
Anyways,After 1 hour of exploring and eating banana ice cream and Waffles,We resumed our journey 

No trip to Brussels is complete without a trip to Mini Europe
Basically,it has exact replicas of all the iconic cities and buildings of europe

A treat for history and architecture aficionados 

The detail of the buildings was perfect and so was the whole experience ,well at least for me.

After the mini Europe tour we continued our journey to the fashion capital of the world
Coming soon…

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