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The fashion capital of the world although most of the stuff there is made in china,but still..
The fashion that everybody talks about ,those designer dresses are so insanely costly.So the wise thing is to do window shopping and click a lot of photos,you know like the Chinese do.

As I said before only two type of people who shop in Europe the crazy and the super rich.

About the french people,the french are egotistical idiots.Who think that the french is the most elegant language and anyone talking to them must know french.They like the germans dont answer to anybody who speaks in english and are irritable ,egotistical and theives by nature.Sad,but true.

Anyway ,We reached paris in the evening and we stayed in a nice little hotel just outside paris
Fun fact-In the main city of Paris there is no building even half the size of the Eiffel tower,only Sheraton the 5 star hotel.I wonder how they got the permission.

After a good night’s rest we went to the main city of paris directly to a tour of the Eiffel tower.Ther are 3 levels on the tower,the third level is closed on a cloudy weather .the best view of the city is undoubtedly from the 2nd level.That’s what everybody will tell you.

After a magnificent 1 hour tour of the Eiffel tower,we got a guided boat tour of paris which was amazing,at night time the eiifel tower looks absolutely dazzling

Funny story-Over the years many people have jumped from the first and second level to gain popularity ,I wonder how that turned out.In every case the person died except one
A girl wanting to be popular jumped of the first level of the Eiffel tower and landed on a person below waiting to get a ticket and get this,the girl who jumped survived with a few fractures but the person on whom she landed died….hehe
Not so funny for the man  though.

The next day was a trip to disneland but I had already been to the one in L.A. so there was no point on going.So we toured Paris for the whole day which was surprisingly not that fun…Especially with all the looks we were getting.The arch made by Napolean Bonaparte,who the french worship by the way took 29 years to complete and is a treat.You can see all the battles he fought except for the last one which he lost.hehe

Anyhow after Paris we headed on to the favourite tourist destination for Indians ….That’s right Switzerland

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