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A commercialized and a beautiful Location.It is a tiny country with no definite army and is considered one of the safest places in the world.

Fun fact-Every person upon reaching 18 man or woman is required to undergo compulsary military and tactical training,After 20 years the person again undergoes training for 6 months in the latest weapons.So in essence the swiss citizens are it's Army

It is a popular honeymoon destination and for shooting of Bollywood songs.

5 things Switzerland is famous for

1.Swiss Cheese

2.Swiss Milk Chocolate

3.Swiss watches

4.Swiss knives

5.Cuckoo clocks

We stayed in Switzerland for 2 days and 3 nights

Our hotel was at a very picturesque location. And it was filled with Indians,and the hotels know how to capitalize that by serving indian dishes.

There are a many places to visit in Switzerland
Places like Mount Titlis where there is a adrenaline pumping snow slide game.

Switzerland is a place to experience ,not read .The swiss people are very nice and courteous.They smile at strangers,most of the swiss trains are half empty because  there are not enough people.i wish we had this problem,Trains are the best method to travel Switzerland.

Natural beauty is better in Kashmir and Norway .

 But as their main source of income is tourism they have commercialized it well 
Leucerne is a beautiful place to go to.Natural beauty is amazing at interlaken.

Fun fact –The shooting of Dilwale dulhania le jainge was in leucerne

  Well that’s about it for Switzerland.As I said ,It is a Place to experience not read.

After this is the last part of our official Euro trip,The Maginificento Italiano .Please comment if you like my blog.

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